The origins: Isoleika

Since 1974, Eika has developed a complete range of components for kitchens, hobs and electric ovens, including radiant heaters, touch controls, electrical resistors, electric thermostats, etc.

Eika launches this new activity oriented to the world of the super thermal insulation, derived from the deep knowledge that has acquired, thanks to the manufacture of similar insulating materials for its radiant heaters.

Isoleika is established at the end of 2010 with the aim of offering products that guarantee the best thermal solution for the household appliances, construction, transportation, industrial applications such as steelworks or firewalls sectors.


Mondragon Corporation, the strength of a leading Group

Isoleika is part of Mondragon Corporation, the foremost business group in the Basque Country and seventh in the ranking of Spain's largest businesses.A group of more than 74,000 working members (distributed in 257 companies in 2015), a world reference for cooperative work, which is the first business group in the Basque Country and the tenth in Spain

Mondragon Corporation practices innovation, drives internationalization and believes in the commitment of individuals to achieve maximum efficiency with solid support at all levels, financial, industrial and distribution with a vocation of global leadership.

MONDRAGON is the fruit of the cooperative movement begun in 1956, the year in which the first industrial cooperative was created in the town of Gipuzkoa. Its corporate philosophy is reflected in its Corporate Values: Cooperation, Participation, Social Responsibility and Innovation.

The Mission of MONDRAGON brings together the basic objectives of a business organization that competes in international markets, using democratic methods in its corporate organization, job creation, human and professional promotion of its workers as well as The commitment of development with its social environment.

Today, MONDRAGON is made up of more than 260 companies and cooperatives and has production plants and delegations in 41 countries with sales in more than 150.