A solution for each thermal problem

Isoleika offers innovative insulation systems for different sectors



  • All categories of refining and petrochemical manufacturing plants.
  • Industrial process Pipping and equipment.
  • Offshore sub-sea “pipe-in-pipe” application.


  • Heat treatment furnace.
  • Forging furnaces.
  • Maintenance / melting furnaces.
  • Induction furnaces.


  • Fireplaces.
  • Stoves.


  • Coal, oil and gas fired conventional power stations.
  • Nuclear power generation.
  • Fuel cells (SOFCs, MCFCs), reformers and balance-of-plant.
  • Consolidated solar energy.
  • Energy storage.


  • Maritime, road, rail and commercial aviation.
  • Thermal protection.
  • Exhaust systems.
  • Auxiliary power units.
  • Voyage data recorders (VDRs) and black boxes.
  • Aerospace and defense.

Multi metal

  • Torpedo ladles and furnishes.
  • Aluminum launders.
  • Reduction cells.
  • Anode furnace.



  • Forehearths and feeder bowls.
  • Holding furnaces and recuperates.

Home appliances

  • Storage heating.
  • Domestic ovens.
  • Refrigerators and freezers.


In short, in all applications where energy efficiency and thermal insulation converge, since our materials contribute substantially to the improvement of energy efficiency and in those applications where extreme temperatures (high or low) require occupational safety measures in spaces Limited.